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First post - Goblin Slayer Fan Sprite

on: June 20, 2018, 05:23:53 pm
this is my first time posting here, i'm a little anxious but i hope these posts can help to spur my growth. i basically just picked up PA a week ago so just about any input helps. anyways here's the piece.

The reference for this image is the Goblin Slayer from the Manga and light novel series Goblin Slayer.

i feel like certain parts of the body really bug me. namely the legs and the arm carrying the small shield. i also have problems with the shields shape, I just cant get it to have the depth i want, it looks kinda flat and i want it to feel like he's holding it at a slight angle. as an armature, i'm sure there are LOTS of others things that can be further improved on here so, take it apart please  :y:.

lastly, if you want an idea of what the original character looks like here's an excerpt from the manga (WARNING: image contains graphic violence):

(i just used this character because i thought it would be easier starting out to just express in pixels an image i had right in front of me, but goblin slayers features don't need to be kept if anyone makes edits. I'm just looking to grow so this piece doesn't need to stay as a character fan art)