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Here goes a Rideable Robot

on: May 11, 2018, 10:37:07 pm

Hello everyone, since I am doing 8 directions sprites for all my assets and the pipeline gets a little tiring, I tried to make this robot vehicle thingy with basic rounded solids, so it would be easier to rotate. I think it does the job, but I would really value any of your suggestions and critiques, specially early on before I rotate and animate it ;). I think the hands are sketchy, and I not sure at all if the feet are selling the perspective, which is "rpg top down" at a 2:1 ratio by the way. I also don't know if it needs visible controls like levers, or if it is best left implied.

At start they will be piloted by baddies or have a brain-like-electronic-something encased in glass(?) and corked on the cockpit, but once defeated the player can hijack one for some time, and while piloting you get higher jumping and the scale of the elements in the is re-signified: bigger 2x2x2 blocks sized elements which are normally more like unmovable barriers or platforms can now be lifted/moved like the player can usually do with 1x1x1 objects.

Thanks in advance for the great input you people always provide :)

Edit: version without the pilot to show the perspective a little more clearly.
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