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[Rev Share] Justicia - A real passion project

on: May 02, 2018, 02:04:02 pm
You are looking for a passion project and not for a commercial game from the beginning?

Then you are exactly right with us because implementing our project is our passion.

Game name: Justicia (insert cool subtitle)
Team size: 3-5
My skills: Team Manager, Marketing, Game Design, Programming
Project length: about 2020 depending on our development speed
Payment: If the project becomes commercial Rev Share

Who are we looking for ?:
- 1 Lead Pixel Artist

Pixel Art Style:
- The game plays in a cuba similar country. This means that everyting is very colorfull but at the same time everything seams pretty dark because of the dictatorship. The resolution is medium high.

Skills we need:
- Fervor
- at least a half years of experience in his area of ​​expertise (with exceptions)

Time required: approx. 2-5 hours per week

What do we offer ?:
- a real passion project for fun and not for money
- not much free time needed
- a very customizable team to your wishes

You can download our not recent GDD here:

You are a judge in a dictatorship and your decisions directly influence the development of the country. How far can you support the rebellion or the dictatorship without endangering yourself and your family? Who can you trust? In addition, a large part of the gameplay is very detective-like. So you have to find out who speaks the truth and even open up connections.

You are welcome to apply by PM or best by email at

You can find more information about the game on our unfinished website:

Thanks in advance! ;D
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Re: [Rev Share] Justicia - A real passion project

Reply #1 on: May 04, 2018, 05:56:54 pm
i added a link to our Game Design Document in the first post ( because i thought than you can learn more about the game than just by the short description.
We are still looking for a passionate new member how searchs for a real passion project. And we lower our expectations to at least a half year of experience.