AuthorTopic: Retro side-roll beat'em up game environment artwork polishing  (Read 1828 times)

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Polish this sketch.
To achieve this, you may need to:
correct anything you don't feel comfortable with,
add more details to existing things,
and so on.
(You don't need to add new props, we'll do that.)

I can provide you with the original PS file and the photos from which this artwork originated.
We have created 13 scenes, and they are all sketches that need to be polished.
All rights reserved.

You are welcome to ask questions.
It would be wonderful if you can show me some of your past works which resemble the RCR style (You know what I'm saying :)).

1. Company title and/or individual representing and offering employment.
Hi, my name is Ran.

2. Project title.
(Not decided yet)

3. Description of company or project.
Retro side-roll beat'em up game implemented in a modern way (multi-player, open world)

4. Talent/Position requirements.
See above.

5. Payment.
Rate: 15$~40$/h (Negotiable)

6. Contact information.

7. Whether the position is local only.