AuthorTopic: [PAID]Tileset & Animation Pixel Artists Needed for Top Down Action Adventure RPG  (Read 1824 times)

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Greetings friends!

We are an indie game development studio currently looking for a highly skilled pixel artist. You would be required for a variety of pixel art work on an indie game that is currently in development.

We require that the pixel art must be very high quality with a focus on detail and environmental atmosphere.

The game represents gameplay and visual inspiration from old school top down adventure type games such as Zelda A Link To The Past, Secret of Mana/ Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger, Terranigma, Illusion of Gaia, and more.

We are looking to hire an artist who specializes in Tile Sets.  I cannot stress how important to us to find a pixel artist who can achieve the style required for our tile sets. I would even prefer a pixel artist whom can be completely dedicated to making tilesets for our environments. This could also include backgrounds if needed for certain maps. Tilesets will also need animated features for the map to help bring the environment to life.

Shown below is an early mock up of an area from one artist who I worked with for a little while. Currently we have been working with 32x32 for our size.

This game is going to be quite large, we have planned at this point roughly about 6-7 Worlds, which will contain a large number of maps per world. This is going to require a large number of tilesets, so expect lots of work.

I am also searching for a pixel artist who can handle sprite animation for both characters and monsters.

If you can handle both that's even better but I would most likely prefer to have an artist who specializes in either sprite work or tilesets / scenery so they can focus on one only. Consistency is key here so please include your work experience and ability to handle different types of work at the same time.

Pixel Art Summary
- Tile Sets
- Environmental Backgrounds
- Character & Monster Sprites (animated)

We have been searching but unfortunately the applicants so far didn't work out due to the specific style we are trying to achieve.
Please only apply if you feel confident that your up for the task.

Please send your application along with your rate and portfolio to our email below. The more info provided the better!