AuthorTopic: [PAID] Need pixel animator for 'reference sheet' of actions/poses for dragon  (Read 1035 times)

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I am looking for an artist/animator to animate the main character for a sidescrolling metroidvania-style platforming game featuring the main character: the pale dragon, or the faded one.


When the evil sorceress known as Dragon's Bane sought to control the world, she knew only dragon's blood would give her the power she needed. She scourged the land, herself and her minions capturing dragons, or slaying them and bringing their corpses to her fortress to be drained, their carcasses re-purposed into her undead slaves.

After she obtained the power she needed, she unleashed a devastating plague that warped the land, with the intent of eradicating all of the rest of the dragons from existence. Only two eggs remained in the entire world: yours, and that of your sibling. Your mother, a fire dragon by the name O'kalei, fought her best to protect you both, but alas was slain before your hatching day. In her last throws of death, she managed to cast only your egg down the side of the mountain, lost in the forest below.

Without your mother's warmth, surely you were to die. But by the grace of the 6 great elemental dragon spirits, you were granted a second chance at life as the only pale dragon. These 6 spirits will act as your guide as you venture out into the world on a mission to save your species from extinction and restore life and balance to the land.

As the faded one, you have many options throughout your life. Each dragon normally is born into an element which they have an innate connection to. You, however, are void of this aspect, born without a true soul. As you move throughout the land, slaying the creatures tainted by the sorceress's magic, you gain their life essence which you can spend to learn new abilities and techniques, and take the elemental paths of your choosing.

As you spec into new skill trees, you may reach milestones in which your physical attributes change to suit the species of dragon you are becoming. Do you choose to spec into the aqua skill tree, in which you gain gills and webbed feet and a tail fin, along with the ability to breathe underwater and swim twice as fast? Or do you choose to spec into the air skill tree, where you gain feathered wings and a beautiful feathered crest, along with the ability to glide a longer distance and a triple jump?

These are the decisions you must make when leveling yourself up, as well as deciding which of the elemental breath attacks suits your fighting style best.

Character Description:

I will have plenty of reference images by the time I select an animator, but this is for your reference as you are reading this. The main character is a baby dragon with four legs, two wings, and a medium length tail. This dragon is very plain, grayscale in color, with eye sockets instead of eyes (no eyeball.) Instead of a pupil, a tiny pinpoint or spark of light appears to float in each eye socket.

As the character levels up different skill trees, they will acquire different physical traits aligning with their specializations. But I am not commissioning that right now. Just the base model at the moment.

What I Need:

I need a character sheet of several 8 frame animations ranging from an idle animation, a running animation, a jumping animation, a crouching animation, and more. These will be 64x64 for now. These animations will likely not be the final product in the game, but will be used in promo and funding the kickstarter for the game as it develops.

I will have concept art available for use once I select an animator.

Experience in animation/large portfolio
Clean art
Grungy/dark feel
Exaggerated physics in motion (i.e. whipping of tail)
A likeability/cuteness factor


I am fronting all of the capital for this project myself at the moment. I have no other team members involved. I am gathering art and animations and writing the story right now in hopes of attracting the right programmers, artists, and other members to my permanent team.

Because of this, I will have to make any and all payment plans over via a paypal invoice that can be paid off in a 6 month time period.

That being said, this means I can afford to pay a bit more than most other people. You would get 1/3 of the money up front, and then the other 2/3 spread out over 6 months. I would hope that since I am ordering quite a few animations, that I might get some kind of bulk order discount.

Please send an email to with your payment preferences, hourly rate, and portfolio examples. Also comment on this post informing me that you have done so.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

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Hi, I sent a mail with art and animation links. Please check it out.