AuthorTopic: RevShare Game Studio Seeking 2D Pixel Artist (SNES Graphics)  (Read 782 times)

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Project Name: Legends of Lockefall
Genre: "SNES" retro style Open World Action RPG (Fantasy)
Looking For: Pixel Artist
Art Style: Chrono Trigger/Secret of Mana
Have: Composer, Artist, Programmers & Writer
About the Game: Legends of Lockefall is a top down open world action rpg in the fantasy setting. It borrows from Secrets of Grindea, Secret of Mana, A Link to the Past and Pokemon. 7 Heroes to choose from each with different elemental types, weapons, races and classes. The objective is to find the missing shards of the magical scepter in all the dungeons, piece it back together and fight the main boss to save the kingdom of Lockefall!
Our goal is to finish a trailer and a playable demo and put it up on kickstarter to get funded.
PM me if interested and I will give you more details and send the Discord invite!