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Hello all, Grand Scheme Games with another art need :D

We need someone who can help update our old character concept art, to a more modern (already established) style.

This new style has already been defined and has a very specified style.

For references to the exact style we need, check out this link on our website (the mugshot at the bottom):

In terms of the specific work we need, we have three characters which need to be redone, our main character and her two companions.

Each need two small face portraits and then one full body portrait. All of it we'd like to be in 3/4's style (between profile and a front view).


Payment can be done per asset. Our budget allows for about $110 per full portrait, $55 per mugshot and $25 for the facial portrait. Or we can do an hourly rate. We have a cap, but the rates are negotiable based on an agreement.

We'll also need more portrait work done for the game if the demo is received well in the future.

For more specific info, please email me at:

And for more information about our team and the game, please feel free to visit our website at:

Thank you for your time!


Thomas Williams
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