AuthorTopic: Looking for Pixel Artist for developing a 2D Indie Game about Lupin III  (Read 1771 times)

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Hi to All!
I'm a new member of this forum and like the title say I'm searching for a Pixel Artist for developing a 2D videogame about Lupin III.

The Lupin graphics sheet is the same of a previous game but with some changes(Check the link below).
The other characters have been made on that line style.
For now I only need backgrounds and some elements of the gameplay.
Characters graphics can be changed if Pixel Artist think that.

Currently I can not pay anyone because I having to ask for copyright licenses to Monkey Punch and I don't know if the future Kickstarter page of the game will be financed. So before pay someone for the artwork I need to develop and publish on Youtube a gameplay trailer of the game, just for know if this project attracts fan people, then try to reach the goal for copyright licenses and realase the game on Steam.

So the Pixel Artist for now, need only to draw some background for gameplay Trailer and then if the game will attracts people and will reach the licenses goal, He will be pay for the entire developing of the game.

For questions or if you are a Fan of Lupin III and you want a new game about it, reply at this topic or write to this email: "".

Planned Gameplay Elements:
- Some Heists(like bank robbery, steal painting in museum, lost treasure ecc...).
- Play as Lupin, Jigen, Goemon.
- According to chosen Characters the Player will play the heist in its perspective(Different stage for Lupin, Jigen and Goemon).
- Action/Stealth mechanics.
- Car chases.
- Editable Outfit for all Characters(1/2/3/4 series and Films).
- Coop Multiplayer.

Link for actual Lupin graphics:
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Would you mind sharing some more basic information about the game? What sort of game is it? What sort of background art do you need (perhaps post examples of similar-looking games?), and how much art will you need? Could you post a sample of your existing sprites? These things would help artists see whether this is work they'd enjoy doing (or could do at all) and how much of a commitment this project would require.