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Hello all, Grand Scheme Games here yet again!

Our game is getting really close to being done, at this point we’re in full asset replacement mode which includes sound effects and UI + Cutscenes.

This post is regarding our needs for Cutscenes and then eventually UI stuff including Icons and windows. However, that will be a separate conversation.

“Cutscenes” are the main method of storytelling we’re using for the game outside of in game conversations.

There are a total of 15 cutscenes. The longest one is 12 pages while the shortest ones (which are 5 or less) are the majority. This totals up to about 55 pages total.

We also need 4 backdrops for conversations that happen in the game in a mugshot to mugshot style similar to Fire Emblem.

And the last thing we need are a few of animations that should be relatively simple. One is of a spinning book of power, another is a giant demon eye which should take up a rectangular screen and the last is a flame ball traveling through multiple weather environments. (these will make more sense later)

Every single cutscene has already been storyboarded using PowerPoint and we have a very specific format and sizing requirement which includes an image by the boundaries of 1150 x 450 pixels with the appearance of old text like papyrus.

Here is a really good example of what we’re looking for:

There is a  $2500 total dollar budget limit for all cutscene needs.

This means that we want to try to get all of the cutscenes we can and at a quality which justifies the price we can afford.

Timewise, we’d like to get the cutscenes in before the end of next month. To accomplish this, we’ll need someone who can create at least 2 cutscenes pages a day.

Just as our needs with our remaining game art, t we hope to just get what we need to make the game look nice enough to get people interested and secure additional future funding.

We also hope to eventually develop a long-term working relationship in the future as if the game is well received we will have much more work ahead!

Please Please Please when you contact me to provide me with relevant works. This means samples of your UI work as well as things very very similar to what we’re asking for.

We have documentation details regarding the total implementation, so if you need more information please reach me at:

Our format to cutscenes is pretty set and standard, but the implementation is up for debate based on what looks nice and is timely.

For more information about our team and the game, please feel free to visit our website at:

We look forward to working with someone to help us bring this idea to life!

Thank you for your time!


Thomas Williams
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