AuthorTopic: [PAID]Cyclone Designs, Pixelartist wanted for creating Minecraft related content  (Read 1700 times)

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Hello! My name is Ushio, and I'm searching for pixelartists to work alongside Cyclone Designs, a gaming and art studio current based around creating Minecraft related content. As this whole Minecraft thing is uncommon here on the pixelation forums, I will explain.

Cyclone Designs has Official Minecraft Partnership, and thus we have access to something called the 'Minecraft Marketplace'. What this means in broader terms is that we have access to publish works to the audience of anyone that has bought the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft (Minecraft on all platforms except PC, including IOS, PS, XBOX, etc.) This is a lot of people. We have nearly unlimited freedom (the limiting factor being age restrictions and friendly content), to make whatever content we see valuable to the market and ourselves.

Here is our website:

Job requirements & description:
-Ability to create in various different styles/themes
-Creating pixelart with player perspective in mind
-Open minded to change and adaption

Some of the work that may be involved:
-Minecraft Texturepacks, which by default contains many 16x16 texture tiles, icons, textures for 3D models of entities,  inventory menus, etc.

-Title art

-Minecraft Character Skins

Payment is based on a percentage cut of any project you have worked on. As we publish works onto the marketplace and they sell, you will earn a cut based off of the total for the amount of work you did, perpetually, as long as the product is selling. Figures for the % amount can be talked about further in private.
If you are interested, please send me some of your work at with preferably a form of fast contact (like discord) if you have it (My discord: Ushio | Dr_Bond#4733).
Any questions can be answered through email or discord as well!
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