AuthorTopic: I need a programmer for 8-bits Brazilian folklore  (Read 1021 times)

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I need a programmer for 8-bits Brazilian folklore

on: July 22, 2018, 09:38:52 pm

Two years or almost three started an 8-bit project based on Brazilian folklore, it would be inspired by several nintendo classics, such as Mega Man and Mario. The only problem was the lack of a programmer, I do not have much programming skills, I got some programmers, but they were not reliable.

Today I try for the last time to revive this project, to keep me in the pixel art I make scenarios, tiles and enemies for a Brazilian fan game of Megaman X.

I'll tell you a little about Folsen:

- Set and inspired by Brazilian Folklore
- It will have 8 bosses, same initial amount of mega man.
- You'll have electrifying and mysterious songs
- The character will have all the moves, besides swimming, lowering, sliding, celebrating ...
- You will have a "yoshi"
- Will have companions during the phases
- A small and illusory story

The platforms I want initially is just Steam, think small first so we can see what it could then be sure to be released to other platforms.
I'm looking for someone to participate in the profits in the end, a colleague in order to complete this project, so much that the programming must be done from scratch.
The division of profits in the end will be of equal to equal, nothing unfair or wrong, is a project that I am always trying to launch, I look for in these two years a strong partnership.

If you are interested in going to the end with the project, you will be very welcome, let's make this game, come on!

Some of my works for the mega man x fan game...

Let's talk?