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!Sacrifice your brothers!

on: February 18, 2018, 08:41:10 pm
I am Bruno and I am one of the four memebers of Axolotl Brothers, an indie team ready to shower you with great games.

Axolotl Brothers is a mexican indie game studio formed by four members: two brothers (Bruno & Cris), a cousin (Pablo), and an old friend (Samadhi). We started experimenting on the magical process of making videogames around 2005, quite a long time ago. We started making games just for fun. Years passed and we slowly made bigger and more complex games. But we never made any complete game or had any game "officially" released, so we started Axolotl Brothers in order to change that.

As part of the work done here in Axolotl Brothers, we are aiming to make local multiplayer games as we hold those games dear in our hearts and also as we are a little heartbroken that the local multiplayer scene is not that big. We want to release a new game every two months five times a year; our followers will choose their favourite from the five we made and we will spend the last two months to make that one better.

We are a little late to the party of letting everyone know, but we already have our first project for this year and we plan to finish on march first.

Sacrifice your brother

In a lone and dark night you and your friends are left alone in a church with the impending doom looming over your heads in the form of a small clock. Walking outside of the church the only thing you find are monsters looking for you and small towns filled with scared villagers.

You must go to rescue the villagers, protect them from the monsters, and lead them to the safety of the church. While in the church, you can choose to either sacrifice or save each villager.

Sacrificing them will give you extra time before the end comes and a little health boost;
while saving them will give you new weapons, a little health boost, and points.

Despite the name of the game, the objective is to save the villagers, not to sacrifice them. But you will need to sacrifice some if you want more time to save more villagers.

Cooperate with your friends and decide the fate of the villagers to get the higher score when the world ends. Good luck!

You can check for updates in our websites

Thanks for reading and looking forward your opinions :)