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[PAID] Branding for community

on: December 24, 2017, 06:50:54 pm
Forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong place.  I'm new here and although I've read the rules, sometimes I'm clumsy and don't notice obvious things because I'm a bit sick at the moment! <3 <3

          1.Former designer/top tier pro CS player "iD" & his community.
          2. Branding & Comm Arts Lead Designer.
          3. "iD" began playing CS & e-sports professionally in 1998.  Having been shaped in an outrageously abusive and broken home, his experiences and friendships he forged in the online world saved his life by instilling values he was deprived of by his toxic environment. The online gaming communities - especially CS - provided opportunities for basic, much needed emotional and mental development.  Failing most of his classes and barely struggling to pass by year after year since starting 1st grade early, iD eventually found strength and confidence in his abilities and accomplishments within the Counter-Strike competitive community.  Since then he's founded, lead, and starred for top tier teams.  Helped countless young men on their own journey to self discovery and achieving their dreams.  He also eventually started college early, and is a self-taught web developer with over 15 years of professional experience. iD's community, Disrupted Enlightened, inspired by his ugly duckling backstory, and born from his newfound recognition that he's but one of thousands if not millions of other people who have looked to online gaming as an escape from problems they feel powerless to address in their real lives.  And that gives them real power to tackle their problems by empowering them mentally and emotionally.  And because gaming can be a healthy alternative to real life growth & development for people who are lacking opportunities or normalization in real life: It is DE_'s mission to help others unlock their potential and become confident, kick-ass teammates in the real world through virtual practice and team building in a fun, earnest, strong, and respectful environment.
          4. Need experience in 2D/8bit larger-sized scenery, an example would be:
          5. The job will be split up into several stages beginning with a simple square portrait that will be used as an e-mote and as a logo.  Also DoE.
          6. Please contact me through this website with a link to your portfolio and a brief description of your vision or questions you have.  I believe you can send me an e-mail through this forum, if not please DM me or simply respond in this thread.

Kind Regards,