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I need to take on someone into my game project, Hexoshi, to take over the previous artist and finish his work. The game has a Super Metroid-like art style, which you can see here:

The total budget remaining is $399.41. Using that budget (I'm willing to go slightly over if necessary), I would like to pay someone to complete the following tasks, which include various animations:

Slope tiles:
Scorpion enemy:
Hedgehog enemy:

The previous artist was working at a rate of $20 an hour, but I am flexible with this as long as we can complete these tasks within the budget (so if you want a higher rate, I expect you to be efficient to compensate). If there are still funds remaining, you will be paid the agreed-upon rate to draw and animate additional enemies until the budget runs out.

With the previous artist, I made the mistake of not setting a deadline, which caused this project to drag on much longer than it should have when he turned out to be unable to complete the work in a timely fashion. As such, deadlines will be set this time. For each task, we will agree on a deadline that works for you. If you fail to meet the deadline, I will assume that you have abandoned your work and find someone else to complete the task.

All of your work must be given to me under one of the following licenses:

- CC BY-SA 4.0:
- CC BY 4.0:
- CC0:
- GNU GPL v3+:

You may choose the license you prefer from this list. We will agree on this license up-front. You will agree to automatically grant me the agreed-upon license as soon as you are sent payment for any given work. Payment for a particular work will only be sent out when I have a completed copy, but I will not have a right to redistribute it (by the default rules of copyright) until the aforementioned license grant. To be perfectly clear, you will always retain the copyright and worldwide distribution rights to your work; you will only be granting me a license. No transfer of copyright will ever occur.

To keep the effort organized, we will use the task system on Savannah, the system Hexoshi is hosted on. To make this easier, you should create an account on You will be added as a member of the project, and tasks that you are meant to complete will be "assigned" to you. You can opt out of this if you prefer.

I can pay you with PayPal. I am also willing to look into paying you with Bitcoin or a wire transfer, if you prefer.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact me via email at the following email address:

Please include in your email examples of previous experience with this kind of work, and indicate your hourly rate. Please direct me to specific, relevant examples, not just your entire portfolio.
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