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Hey there,

I'm a software engineer looking for a pixel artist that's down to take on a partnership role. I'm willing to pay an amount up front to get us to Steam greenlight, and then a percentage of the revenue we generate after the game is put on early release. This would be a continuous development.

 I'm looking for something on the grittier side of generic fantasy. Think Kingdom except isometric: I would also look to Diablo II for some inspiration.

It'll be a town-building survival game. You use the resources you gather in the world to create buildings. You can also venture out into the wilderness to attack camps of monsters to find gear and special items. The type of buildings you create determine what sort of followers visit your town. Every week, a progressively harder horde of monsters attacks your town.

Here's exactly what I'll need for the paid portion:

I need a character sprite that has walk/idle/attack animations facing four directions, with two sets of attack animations: one for stabbing type weapons and one for swing type weapons. The attack animations will need to be created under the assumption that there will only be one sprite for each of the weapons. Here's an example of what I mean, excuse my miserably bad drawing:

The arms will need to be a separate sprite from the body so that I can layer things like spears between the arms and the body if necessary. If you can do this in a way that we can add more weapon types without doing a lot of repainting, bonus points!

I'll need 4 creature models for the first phase, which will need attack, move, and idle animations for each direction. These guys can have their weapons baked in, as they won't need to equip new ones:

1x Wolf,
1x Sword Bandit,
1x Bow Bandit,
1x Orc Swordsman

For the world I'll need 3 tiles to start out with for our first target: snow, desert, and grass. Each will require 3 assets, one for the top of the tile, one to transition between the top and side of the tile, and one repeating sprite for the lower portion of the terrain. They'll look something like this when composited:

I'll also need 3 buildings: one farm style house, one barracks style building, and one magical looking tower (that you'd imagine a wizard living in).

If you send me a private message or email, we can talk more about specifics, terms, and numbers. Also, feel free to express your interest in here. Thanks for your time!  ;D
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PM sent :)