AuthorTopic: Kickstarter help with SNES RPG Board Game "Legends of Lockefall"  (Read 895 times)

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I am working on a board game that I would like to eventually get a Kickstarter going for. I would love some help with this in any way. I have my characters and mechanics and all of that. I may need help with the map (i do have a blueprint for how i want the map). And I will definitely need help with the kickstarter itself, I don't really know how it works exactly. If a board game is too difficult I am prepared to turn this into an action rpg (zelda style) top-down video game. Here is a link to my facebook page for it. There isn't much on it right now but if you are interested in helping, please PM me and we can discuss more about this project. This is unpaid work and only PM me if you are ok with that. I know this is a long shot asking for free help but I figured I would try anyway. Of course if it gets published/made, there will be profit for all involved.

Also here are links to my previous works so you get an idea of my dedication.
(Custom Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past board games)
Boardgame #1:
Boardgame #2:
Youtube Video:
Online Article: