AuthorTopic: Looking for collab with a pixel artist  (Read 987 times)

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Looking for collab with a pixel artist

on: September 08, 2017, 05:58:36 pm
Hi im working on a game , core mechanics are pretty much ready already  and using placeholders graphics for now , im looking for someone to collab with me and create the graphics for the game , including characters , tilesets,enemies.
a little bit info about the game:
Its a topdown shooter , themed on food , the player is a fat man and the enemies that programmed right now are(from weakest to strongest):Skinny mans,Musclars,Soccer Players, there are also Bosses and npc's in game and a little bit of story,The weapons are food,biscuits,fries,whipped cream and donuts are currently the programmed weapons. it still early stages of the game and i want to take it even further what i said is just what is ready already , but theres still plenty of stuff i want to add.
so i would love to find a pixel artist for this project.
can contact me via skype or email.