AuthorTopic: 2D Survival Horror Combat  (Read 3221 times)

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2D Survival Horror Combat

on: October 31, 2018, 07:12:42 pm
Hello guys,
So I can't find anywhere on the net to discuss game design so I thought I would talk about it here.

I've been really thinking about how to approach combat. My current objectives:
1. I don't want something which is pure action...
2. but on the other hand I don't want something which is turn based either.
3. I also need to be careful about feature creeping and keep things simple.
4. I want some strategy.

I've talked about this before (older graphics):

New graphics:

5. I like the idea of having the player press a button to select an action on a bar. For example, each segment of various colors refer to other actions.

6. I also like the idea of stamina management. This is pretty much what I was talking about when I said strategy. Each action has a different stamina cost. In the example provided, you'll notice the lungs icon next to the stamina bar.

7. I was thinking of having the enemy attack bar fill up gradually, sort of like the ATB system in final fantasy:

8. I think it'd be unfair for the enemy to automatically score a hit after some time. I'd like for some kind of player input to avoid getting injured when the attack happens. I don't see how to make it work with my current system however and this is what I'm having trouble with.

I'd like to hear your ideas and suggestions as to how to solve this. I know it's a lot of text to read and it's maybe difficult to answer but I've been thinking about this for a while and can't figure it out. Maybe talking about it with you guys will shed some light about this aspect of my system.