AuthorTopic: [Rev-Share] Programmer Needs Pixel Artist for Roguelike  (Read 1035 times)

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Hey there! I'm a programmer working on multiple games in my spare time. I have a few awesome ideas and will publish my games once they're complete. I'm in need of a pixel artist partner to work on the art aspect. Also, it will help push forward development if I can play around with coding while using actual art assets that don't suck.

The main game I'm working on is a Roguelike RPG. I'll be needing character sprites, tilesets, spells, icons, environmental stuff.

Here's a screenshot of the game at a very early stage:

If you're interested, show me some of your work and I'll share my design ideas. Thanks.

E-mail me @


Add me on Discord: ShadedColors#6351
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