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Hotel Manager Characters

on: August 21, 2017, 01:51:12 am
(Please note this isn't a dev log. Just me having fun.)

Hello!  :)

I was playing a management game and thought about how interesting a hotel manager game would be with a pixel formula.

This didn't take me long at all. Each character probably took around 2-5 minutes.

The inspiration of my design is the "Prison Architect" no legs look.

Please let me know your opinions on my characters.

Hotel Manager:
(Used for hiring staff and general financial upgrades)

Hotel Doorman:
(Used for allowing customers through the front door. Affects your overall "Hotel Rating")

Hotel Janitor:
(Used for cleaning the mess left behind by chefs and customers. Affects your overall "Hotel Rating")

Hotel Builder:
(Used for building and breaking walls and furniture)

Hotel Security 1:
(Used for keeping ill-mannered customers in control. Affects your overall "Hotel Rating")

Hotel Security 2:

Hotel Head Chef:
(Used for cooking food and general food upgrades)

Hotel Chef:
(Used for cooking food. Affects your overall "Hotel Rating")

Hotel Customer 1:
(Used for funding the hotel)

Hotel Customer 2:

Hotel Customer 3:

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