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[PAID VIA REV-SHARE] Pixel Artist/Animator Needed

on: August 17, 2017, 08:24:35 pm
Hi All,

Iím a lone indie developer working on a 2D platformer MOBA-style game (similar to Overwatch, LoL, etc) and am looking for an artist to help with the creative aspect of things.

I have gotten games Greenlit on steam before, but haven't released due to artists quitting, etc. Thus, I'm looking to really see this project through and want to bring in someone who is motivated and will actively participate in developing assets as well as contributing ideas to the game.

Iím looking to work directly with someone who has more of a creative bone than I do and do a 50/50 joint venture. You would thus get lots of freedom and input with your ideas for the game. Primary duties would include creating character spritesheets and environments mainly.

The game is in very early stages and has lots of room to grow. I am currently working on the networking backend of the game. It is in a pixel art style currently, but all assets have been developed by me so it looks quite terrible.

If you're interested, please reply here, DM, or e-mail me at nicholas.ostan2 [/at/]

Below is an example of just how terrible I am at drawing! Please laugh at me!

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