AuthorTopic: Looking for 2D Artists and Sound, Newbies-Medium, Pokemon Style, for Android  (Read 1024 times)

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I'm making a game for android, it's halfway done. But to draw all the pictures will make it a slow progress game. So I need you all who wanna participate in drawing for a game.

What I do
Programming: currently making the game.

Everyone wants perfect, but for this game anyone can join.
Anyone who wanna participate in drawing for a game, there will be many variants of monsters around 20+.
So if you just wanna draw for 1 monster or just the background it's ok. Just make that credits full of names XD
We can make a team if you are good enough and interested in advancing further ahead.

But the perfect one will be like this:
2D Artist : draw the picture, all the pictures:
   size 32x32 pixels : floor&obstacle tiles, monsters,players
   size full sreen : start menu background, collection book background
   (optional : if it grows well, we will add talking event using character's picture)
   if you can do animation like shaking text, that will be great.

About the game:
- 2D adventure game using 32x32 sprites
-style pokemon, capture and explore to find stair to next level
-collection, repetitive, unlimited level stage
-stage is made from randomizing and placing the tiles(32x32)
-there will be a book recording the caught monsters
-so many upgrades I can make for this game but, i'll hold it until we can release it first then update it every period of time feature by feature

Thank you for you attention, if you are interested you can reply this post or contact me here:
- email   :
-skype   : ronny.nginsi
-discord : holicoop#8359