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Pixel Artists For Mobile Strategy Game Needed

on: August 15, 2017, 04:44:28 pm

I'm creating a strategy game for Androids and Apple users.

In the game you will use creatures to fight and win. Each player can have up to six creatures with them and will try to capture the opponents flag within a time limit. Each player will have 5 minutes(may change) and the timer goes down when it's your turn. If your flag is captured or your timer runs out, you lose. You can move your creatures onto the field and attack the opposing team. Creatures will be able to attack in different ways. Some only attack in front of them, others all around, and some from a distant to give examples. Each creature will have a special ability that is either activated by the player or under certain conditions. There will also be Assist and Trap cards available. Each creature can hold up to 3 cards, but if the player decides to use a card, then that creature holding the card won't be able to move for that turn. All creatures have a set amount of health. When they run out they will be knocked out of the game for a certain amount of time.

That's the general idea of the rules for this game. I need assistance from some talented pixel artists while I will be programming the game. I just need the pixel artists to make any kind of creature they can think of, along with a story summary of the character. Each creature will need 4 animations in two directions(diagonally downwards and diagonally upwards). I'll post a link to a sprite sheet. I'm hoping for a similar look to this.

The first 2 rows are idle animations, the middle 2 rows are attacking animations, and the last 2 rows are damaged animations. I just need one more animation for special abilities.

Please email me at with the subject titled "Pixel Art" or add me on Discord at ZepicZorua#7063 if you want to know more and or are interested.

Thank you for your time,