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Venture X

Game Name: Venture X

Hey, my name is Saltuk and together with some friends we are trying to create a 2D tile-based RPG game.
No studio or company, as it is an indie project.
However we still lack some artists that have experiences with tile-based pixel art.
You would not get paid for the work, unless if we can make some profit on our kickstarter which we plan to start as soon as the demo is out.
As you've working volunteerly, like the rest of the team, there are no fixed working times. Just work on it if you want and have the time to do so.
Your main work would be to design tilesets, gameobjects, animations and spritesheets.
We already have some artists who are willing to increase their skill to pixel but because they are new to it we decided to search one or two more
artists who could focus more intensly on pixeing then the other ones. (The other artists would work on artworks, logos, map design etc.).
The time we would need to finish the game would probably be at a maximum of one year, if we could find more dedicated pixel artists it would even go faster ;)

Lastly i would like to give you some overview of the project so far, as to get a better understanding about where we are right now:

Current Team:

We are a group of 7 people, around age 17 to 21, consisting of:

- 2 programmers
- 3 sound designers
- 2 artists
- 2 story writers

[Some do double roles]

Already done:

- Build general purpose RPG Engine
- Basic functionality of custom Editor
- Lay out story

Samples of our work:

A world created using placeholders to test out the functionality of the engine:

Venture-X Myst FFIV:

(The sprites and tiles are from FFIV SNES version, they do not belong to me and i don't own any of these art)

Here ist the exact same world, opened in the editor:

Venture-Editor Myst FFIV:

(The editor currently is not able to place entities onto the world. This is currently done programmatically, but we are working on it)

The RPG Engine is also open source and hosted on GitHub.
(The game and editor are maintained private)

To Do:

- Implement various game mechanics (battle etc.)
- Refine and extend story
- Create/Collect assets (graphics, sounds etc.)
- Level Design


Carve, the protagonist, admires the legendary hero of his own era, X. He has saved Carve as a kid, when his hometown Relium got attacked by a ferocious dragon. Ultimately these memories shaped Carve's mind to become a hero like his idol. A few years after the incident, X and two of his closest friends suddenly disappeared. They've never been seen again.

In the following sequel of events, Carve finds out more and more about the mysteries of his own world and finally realizes that his mere existence is the reason for each and everything. During or shortly before the storyline X develops a psychotic and sadistic world view in which he is seeking ultimate power.


The world is set in the middle ages, and the graphics style should resemble a classic JRPG. However the technology in the world is driven by magic and thus not really "old-fashioned".

Said world is ruled by six guilds: the Pacis, Vis, Mercatura, Magicae, Pugna and Fabula. These guilds have certain territories in which they have great political influence and power. But not all of the guilds are friendly to each other, especially at the borders: Conflicts arise frequently between them.

Apart from political and economical aspects for the guilds of fighting, there is a fundamental tension between them caused by the legendary weapons, which are said to grant infinite power and immortality.
Every guild aims to get their hands on these weapons (except for Fabula and Pacis) and eventually rule the world.

Here is a first draft of the world map:


(Sorry for the low quality, but it is hand-drawn and we are currently working on digitalizing it. The map is also still being worked on)

Your Requirements:

As a more or less experienced pixel artist, you would take in the role of the "lead designer", overlooking the other artists work and ensuring it meets the desired criteria.

Also you should be willing to interact with the other team members.
Speaking german would also be an advantage, but is not necessary.

The key requirement are your drawing skills. Whether you already have some experience drawing for a game or not, is not really important, but be aware that you have to provide some samples of your work to prove your qualification.


Final Fantasy; Chrono Trigger; Undertale; MARDEK; Kingkiller Chronicles; Fire Emblem;

The description of the world and the story is abridged and really vague, so as to not contain any spoilers and to prevent piracy. However, as soon as you decide to join, I would be glad to provide you the full contents of the story, under the premise that you sign an non-disclosure agreement.

If you have further questions or want to know any more details, feel free to ask! You can contact me through my email:
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