AuthorTopic: 3/4 View games with non-chibi-style pixel art characters  (Read 1905 times)

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What it says in the title. I am looking for "top-down"/"2.5D"/"3/4 View" games (class JRPG perspective like A Link to the Past & The Chaos Engine) that feature low-resolution / pixel art character sprites which are drawn in a more realistic way, not Chibi style with the huge heads like in A Link to the Past and pretty much all the other Japanese RPGs. It's ok if the sprites are stylized with broad bodies and slightly bigger heads; at this resolution (between 32 to 64 pixels high) it's unavoidable to a certain degree.

So far I have:

Metal Gear (NES)
Dragonstone (Amiga)
The Chaos Engine
Dark Sun

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