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Hello! I'm Rice, a young, independent game developer.

"Who, what, whaaa?! Introduce yourself, Stranger!"

After having created multiple projects of smaller scale and worked on games such as Dragon Ball Online Global, I have since created another project of my own. As I approach the end of the programming for the game, I am in need of pixel art to spice up the environment.

"Right, 'Rice'... You have to be more descriptive than that!"

Indeed I do! The name of the project is Nichibotsu and this following excerpt will describe the setting of the game in extreme brevity.

"Nichibotsu is a role playing, sandbox game set in a feudal Japan setting. Albeit strictly role play, for the most part, the game allows players to become involved in an ever-developing story, with different perspectives being offered to the player depending on their choices when interacting with NPCs (non-playable characters); akin to a visual novel. At the same time, possibly less popular, yet still equally vital areas such as combat are nothing less than refined, with a simple stat and perk-based system."

"...I want to keep reading! But back to the subject at hand. What's the fuzz?"

Unfortunately, as it stands, Nichibotsu has had minimal exposure to the world of indie developers and role-players alike. With that being said, however, those who know eagerly await its release and some are aiding in the funding of this fine project.

"Let's talk budget and pixel art. Seeing as you have screenshots of pixel art, don't you already have an artist?"

Currently, the person who was working on this project with me once upon a time is in possibly the tightest spot I've heard of in my life, and so they had to call it quits. C'est la vie! The rest of the artwork including the interfaces and HUDs were all made by myself. Any art created will have to conform to the preset style, unless I declare some sort of overhaul. By golly, I hope not.

My budget is very small and I don't like to pay for work by the hour since that makes little sense to me. If I was to wait for more money to come through I'd heavily delay the progress of the project more than it has been. With more art, I'll be able to entice more people and thus bring in more money to spend on your services! After all, seeing is believing. Your services will likely be required multiple times as the game will be ever-growing, so the amount earned from my callings will inevitably stack up until you can no longer see the sun!

To keep everything fair, a contract between us will have to be signed by both of us. I will also need you to deliver within a week of me requesting something from you. This project will be moving onto Steam as the first of its kind, so I am very serious about its development. Don't worry; I am not a dragon (roar.jpg).

I assume that if you reply to this or send me anything you've read all there is to read over here. Please do not be baffled if I have to tell you that I cannot spend $20/h on you right now.

If you are interested in working with me, reply below with your portfolio or send me a PM to get my e-mail address.

I look forward to talking to you soon!

"W-wait! Where are the pictu-"

Talking a local in Nichibotsu

Choose wisely!

Cooking in Nichibotsu

Just like in real life!

If you wish to find out more about the world of Nichibotsu, follow this link.
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Re: [PAID] Pixel Artist for upcoming, unique role-play game!

Reply #1 on: July 23, 2017, 03:24:47 pm
Hi there, all!

In order to see whether you can imitate my art style, I request that any who apply pixel art a cherry blossom tree. Do keep in mind that this is not a commission, but rather a preliminary trial to see if our creations are compatible!

Please use the above images as references.
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