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[WIP][CC] Armor

on: July 07, 2017, 04:30:15 pm
Hi everybody, I been trying to get used to colour and how it works and my palette making skills are not so good currently, so I went and used the GB Palette and played with the 4colours that it has to offer and created this:

with myself finishing that, I wanted to challenge myself and create a large scaled version of it. but I created a base for it before I tackled it:

Then I attempted to create the large version of the work, keeping in mind that it would have to keep in mine of details now of the armor and figure and made this:

which stumped me, is it the lack of colours that the GB palette has to offer to make the fine details on the armor. and creating the legs were killer as I tried to follow a light source I picked and looks like pillow shading..

Thank you.

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Re: [WIP][CC] Armor

Reply #1 on: July 11, 2017, 02:26:55 am
I recommend you keep working with a small scale so your don't get overwhelmed

Look how much more detailing I could get out of that smaller knight:

Stuff I considered:
Body shapes
How medieval armor looks (look up references!). A chest piece isn't a flat board
Reflectiveness of metal
Direction of light (light that is coming from the top-left here) and back-light (from the right)

Btw don't mix resolutions. In that 128x128 pieces you're putting down 2x pixels manually, but also some stray 1x pixels. That's the ugliest and most absurd thing you can do in pixel art IMO. If you're doing 2x pixels might as well work with 64x64 and double it up when you're finished