AuthorTopic: I want to learn pixel art.  (Read 1874 times)

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I want to learn pixel art.

on: June 30, 2017, 06:27:18 pm
Hello everybody!
First of all, let me introduce myself: I am a 18 years old boy/man who wants to start a game project on his own. I am planning, on a span of 2-3 years (or untill I get out of college at least) to create a real game with my own hands, and I have the ideas, the story, and I know programming to at least a basic understanding, but the problem is I quite lack skill in the design department. I never drawn pixel art in my life, but I am determined and I really want to learn how to make textures and animations, but I suck really, really badly...Like no talent whatsoever. I really liked the style of games like Hyper Light Drifter, and would love if in the future I could make my own style, but there are so many things it's just overwhelming and I was wondering if you guys redirect me to a guide or give me some advices regarding pixel illustrations. Like, for example, every time I am trying to create a texture like a brick wall or a tree I am starting to draw the basic colors and then I already feel intimidated on how plain and shitty it overall looks...
I don't know how and where to put details, when to use different tints of the same color or how to put shadows/contours on items so I just stop at the basic texture and delete the thing. It almost seems furstrating, because I can imagine the characters pixelated in my head but I have no clue how to start drawing them in real life. I would love to find myself a style like Titan Souls, and yes, I know I could find someone to work with but at the moment everyone that I know isn't interested in these kind of things and I want to create the world that I envisioned with my eyes, the characters and places I have imagined. So please, if you could give me a head start, I would be very, very grateful. I don't wish to make this...project for money or fame, but rather to feel like I accomplished something in my life, and to know that I realised something, alone, that could bring joy to a group of people

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Re: I want to learn pixel art.

Reply #1 on: June 30, 2017, 09:11:59 pm
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When you are starting out, just take a tile or sprite you like and look at it, try to find out how the artist arranged the pixels, which colors he or she used, how the graphic looks zoomed in and out, and so on. Find out what kind of style you like, which resolution and sprite sizes you prefer, and then take a piece as inspiration and try to create something similar, modify it a bit, and learn.