AuthorTopic: Please comment on my own techniques of learning to become a better pixel artist  (Read 1303 times)

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I've been doing (and I think making progress) these things to improve my pixel art (make me a better pixel artist):

1) Copying existing, professional pixel art pixel-by-pixel. An artist friend has told me to do that to improve.

2) This technique I have come up with on my own, accidentally. It comes from the first technique. Basically if I create a pixel art but it's not very good, I try to improve it. I try to see how a pixel art technique (like a shape) that I need to incorporate/edit it into this art to make it better. So I focus on creating characters, in particular anime characters. I know anime characters have extra long strands of hair. So when I try to make an anime pixel art character based on an existing character, I need to make those hairs. I had real trouble doing those so here's what I did. I have created a hair. Then I see how existing pixel art anime hairs are like. So if I want to make like Goku's hair from Dragon Ball Z, I see how an existing Goku's sprite hair is like and use that technique on my own character. I have learned more about space in hair and how extra strands of hair in anime are like from Goku's hair. I first see it, then I copy it. I feel that by both studying it intellectually and then applying the technique, I can learn techniques like space and shape of extra strands of hair.

3) While doing #1 and/or #2 I also do experimenting of my own using techniques like space and hair strands for my anime character's hair until it looks better. It's really trial and error.

Here's professional Goku's sprite:

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