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2D Pixel Animation Artist

on: May 23, 2017, 08:24:32 pm
Hello! My name is Artyom, but you can also call me Cyan. I used to draw hi-res digital art mostly for fun, but recently discovered pixel art and instantly fell in love with it. At this point I successfully participated in one big project and did a slew of smaller one-time commissions.

As a non-native speaker with little experience in English, i frequently ask my colleague and friend Berg to do the talking for me, but he is also a pixel and voxel artist so you can hire both of us if you so desire. If you are interested only in my services, however, he will fill the role of our interpreter and middleman when required.

If you want to contact me, PM me here, reply in this thread or (preferably) hit me up at

My works:

Also you can check out some of Berg's works:

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