AuthorTopic: [PAID] Desperately searching for Pixel Artists for 2D Game  (Read 3447 times)

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Hello. I have posted a few times in the unpaid section only to have 0 feedback. I have always had bad luck in finding pixel artists to help me with my game but this time I have money and am able to actually pay. I am looking for Pixel Artists for paid work, the game will be a PC platform.
I will tell a little info.

1. Personal Status: I am a high school student who wants to just have 1 game. Just 1, and I am very diligent when it comes to things I want to do, I am not releasing personal information on here but I'll reveal that I am under 18.

2. Project Title: TO BE DECIDED

3. Description of Project: My project is a JRPG. (Japanese Role-Playing Game). It is a PC platform game being created with the RPG Maker MV program with intent for person and close friends only. I have no intention to put my game on market. It is a game aimed at a female audience and is a magical girl JRPG with a flower theme to it.

4. Work Needed: I'm looking for tilesets, sprite mapping, and character animations. I would like:
Full spritemaps (EX: Forest with grass)
Tilesets (EX: Mailbox, Tree, Refrigerator; plain objects)
Character Animations (Further discussed in PM)

5. Standards for Hire: I would like an artist who can produce simple but detailed objects, images, spritemaps, and animations. An example of too detailed would be:
An example of too simple would be:
The perfect type of sprite would be:
I have base sprites for the sprite animations I want and can give it to the hired artists.

6. Payment: I am a minor. Meaning I have no job so the payment that I can give is a lot but keep in mind it is limited and I cannot obtain money with a job, due to my age being under 18. This also means I cannot provide money through paypal, but I will be able to provide money with another way that I will only be able to discuss in PM.

7. Contact: I have a Discord which I use daily and normally respond to any PM instantly as I'm constantly on there.

8. Conclusion: I have 0 luck when it comes to actually getting someone to help me with my projects, and I have been working on this by myself for at least 15 months (A year and 3 months). I would be very happy and grateful to get someone to help me, and I will be able to pay so remember that. If you are interested, then please send me a PM and post a link with your art. From there, I'll give you my discord and we can talk there instead of on . Thank you for reading, and I hope to work with anyone who is interested.   :)

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Re: [PAID] Desperately searching for Pixel Artists for 2D Game

Reply #1 on: April 22, 2017, 08:37:47 pm
Hi, is this still available?

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If you are still looking for a pixel artist I'm available and interested on hearing more about yout proyect, feel free to contact me through PM

I'll invite you to see my character portfolio on Behance

Remember to open the folder to see the contents :D

My mail is just in case