AuthorTopic: Im redoing My Game Boards  (Read 3807 times)

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Im redoing My Game Boards

on: September 10, 2005, 06:11:43 am
Well i decided to redo the boards.Because some people thought they were  two bright and plastic looking.
This Is what i gotten so far..Any suggestionsPlease give me C&CAnd dont be an arse about it.






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Re: Im redoing My Game Boards

Reply #1 on: September 10, 2005, 06:49:32 am
I can tell you that the difference from the first one to the last one is a great difference, and you should be proud of yourself. But there are a few points I would like to point out.

1) Too many colours. My program tells me that you are using 803 colours, when you could probably get way with less than 256. Maybe 64ish, at tops. For example, the road uses 3 colours, when you could probably get away with one or two. Another image that uses a lot of colours is that dragon grafitii. Try pixeling it, and use the texture that you used for each brick. Which pretty much means change the colour from the brick to the dragon colour.
2) Some of the bricks are a bit too dark, maybe lighten up the darkest part just by a bit, and see what happens.
3) Shadows. You need to add shadows. Basically what you have to do is figure out where the lightsource is, then place the shadow on the opposite side of the object that has the light. That includes walls, ground, lamp posts, etc.
4) It seems that the stoplight has some perspective issues at the very top. Right now you could probably use a oval at the top. To make the perspective correct.
5) The grass seems a bit too repetitive. But since I'm not the best at grass, I could probably point you to a tutorial, or let someone else help with that :D
6) Overall, the tiles are pretty repetative. Maybe have a few tiles differ from the rest. Things like broken bricks or grass growing from them would work pretty well. Also, you could have more pepsi cans lie on the ground. Maybe clump a few and have a few on the side.

Things I like:
1) The texturing and beveling- The texturing and beveling really adds some 3dness to the brickwork. Probably works best with the barber shop.
2) I like the corner bricks at the barbershop. They kinda help get rid of some of the tiling effect.
3) The grafitii is a great touch, but the dragon one seems a bit high.
4) The objects such as streetlamps and air conditioning units are a nice touch.

As I said, the art has improved much, and with some more tweaking it will be awsome!

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Re: Im redoing My Game Boards

Reply #2 on: September 10, 2005, 04:30:51 pm
you remind me when I started. you are clearly a cg artist. I can tell by your avatar. if its not yours, it the style you like. and I think you are still trying to put alot of that in you pixeled images. pixel art is not just isolines and pencil lines. you gotta go a little more into the concept of pixel art. if I say "a pixel artist likes to have total control of each pixel in the image" you will see what I meen.

Image size doesn't matter! It's what you do with your pixels that counts!