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Duet SaGa - 144p RPG

on: March 30, 2017, 08:44:00 am
Hiya guys! I'm working on a game as of now, it is pretty much a spiritual child of the SaGa series (its not commercial-able because its using a hacked version of RM2k3 -- I this is really a test grounds to see what DynRPG + my eventing can do)

Its kind of a self challenge -- keep the resolution at 160x144 (same as gameboy), full original graphics and systems. As such I'm trying to keep the gameplay simple and fresh -- the core gameplay is the Duet system, where the two characters can string spells together to produce new effects or even new skills altogether.

Some screenies!

Protagonists are Levin and Noah who after somewhat of a mid-age crisis decide to embark together on a quest to find an old missing friend, and just live life.

Previously they were amongst the knights that put an end to a decades spanning war. The peace, however, left them yearning for a  new purpose in life.

Some portraits! WIP

Critique most welcome!
I'm really dumb when it comes to palettes. I normally just start picking colors at whim then I try to reuse them and end up with a somewhat usable palette, but it still tends to lack harmony. I wanna improve this~