AuthorTopic: [PAID] If you can prove that you're skilled you may have a good opportunity.  (Read 1520 times)

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Hi, I'm Andrew I am in search of an artist that is looking to push themselves and show me what they can do. I look to make a 2D RPG with a vast world so if I like what you show me it could be open up more opportunity in the future. The art style I am looking for is something resembling this game This game out of 10 is a 10 visually I'm looking for more of a 6-7. I am looking for let's say a trailer/preview of what the game will be the game is just a thought at the moment so I need someone to create a whole image of what I envision. If you would like to go into payment details and would like to know more add me on my Skype or message me at Afflatusrus or email me at
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