AuthorTopic: [PAID] Seeking game artist for top-down space adventure game  (Read 2549 times)

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Hey everyone,

I'm the current project lead for a small startup Canadian game development company, Intropixel. We're currently working on our first title, The Celestial Contingency, and are looking to bring an artist on board to add the visual component of the project.

The details are as follows;

1. Company title:

2. Project title:
The Celestial Contingency

3. Description of the project:
The Celestial Contingency is a PC game where players explore the world from the captain's view - flying around on a ship, exploring and battling with other ships in a multiplayer environment.

The game's engine is in-house, and is more-or-less feature complete at this point in time. While the mechanics of the game are around 50-60% complete, as well.

4. Talent/Position requirements:
We're looking for pixel art for tilesets, characters, and some animations (2-4 frames animations tops, nothing too fancy). The main work would come from designing the interiors of ships from a top-down view, however the other main artistic portion are the ship appearance from an exterior view (just a top-down view).

The general aesthetic we are going for is simple and clean; nothing too fancy, nothing too cluttered - while the specific feel of the art and soforth would be worked out between myself and the artist throughout development.

I am certainly inexperienced in the world of pixel art, and so am open-minded to the suggestions of any artist working with us as to what may be an effective design. At the end of the day it's about communication - I want to be working with you to ensure that we're on the same page, so I'm not wasting your time with a bunch of iterations on various assets.

As far as deadlines go, as development heads into the summer we are aiming for certain milestones, however these are flexible depending on the situation of the artist and where the project is at in general. As a general rule of thumb; we have milestones to keep the project going, but nothing unreasonable.

5. Payment:
Right now we're looking at $15-20/hr, however the price is negotiable and if you're a more experienced artist who is interested in the project, feel free to contact me and we could be able to sort something out!

6. Contact:
You can PM me here, and I will provide other contact information where necessary.

7. Local-only:
This project is not local only.

If this project has piqued your interest, I ask that you PM me with your portfolio and/or past projects you have worked on. I will not be asking for you to create any samples for the project.


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Re: [PAID] Seeking game artist for top-down space adventure game

Reply #1 on: April 10, 2017, 03:10:17 pm
pm sent =D

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Re: [PAID] Seeking game artist for top-down space adventure game

Reply #2 on: April 10, 2017, 06:41:06 pm
PM sent =)