AuthorTopic: How would making an NES title pixel perfect widescreen affect its gameplay?  (Read 2256 times)

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Upon watching that Capcom announcement of their NES Disney titles re-release, named "The Disney Afternoon Collection", and that in general (or is it always?) they at most only add a border around the original 4:3 screen, it got me thinking on how making it 16:9 would affect gameplay.

The only things I could think of were that you would see the enemies coming from a longer distance (incl. respawns) making games easier.

What else do you guys think would happen, and what would Capcom (and other companies) need to do?

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I think you would have to redo most mapdesigns, because some compositions are set up for 4:3
you probably have to adjust the running speed, because traversing a screen might feel slower
more space on the screen means more to draw,w hich would require a more powerful machine / more RAM
on a bigger screen possible you need to display more sprites, which also might have a ginificant impact
same goes for parallax layers.

for topdown games the n/s direction might be much smaller than the w/e directions than in 4:3 which either has to be accounted by gaedesign, leveldesign, or the overall game formula.

A characte rmight feel a lot smaller on a 16:9 screen than on a 4:3 screen
maybe you would need even differently drawn characters.

Mos tlikely there are a ton more challenges, you would come across once you really try it.
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