AuthorTopic: [Paid] - Game sequel art needed. Pixel art with an Arabian twist.  (Read 2034 times)

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Hi all,

I need some art for a sequel to my game, Defender of the Wood...

The plan? To make a sequel called Defender of the Oasis. The gameplay will be similar but with a whole new and upgraded aiming system. The style is early 90's LucasArts style VGA, for the sequel I'm going for a desert/Arabian theme.

Think dune sea, old desert forts, lush oasis, rocky canyon pass, Well of Souls etc... The end boss will be a Djinn instead of a dragon.

The first game was ad-supported with interstitial ads at the end of a round, this game will be purchase only @ $1.99 price point. Mostly because I'm done with ads, they pay terribly and it's a sh|t user experience.

I also want to see if I can get some traction/snowball effect with a Free For A Week promotion which I can't do with a "free" game.

I know this sucks but unfortunately I can't pay much for this gig, but I can offer 50% of all sales of the game in the first two years. Or alternatively a prominent art credit on the title screen, or $200. Or a combination of these. We can always negotiate something if you're interested and I can draw up a contract as my partner is a lawyer.

I have all of the original game's art assets which I can make available to you. (I did it myself, please don't judge me :D)

Looking forward to working with you!

P.S: There's already a third game on the way which will also need art. Totally different genre, gameplay and setting; will be on Android/Windows first. So I'm hoping to make some good friends and collaborators here. :)
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