AuthorTopic: A tight 4 shades 11 colors palette  (Read 1885 times)

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A tight 4 shades 11 colors palette

on: March 04, 2017, 06:03:06 am
Sometime ago Cyangmou gave me a great lesson on color palettes and color in general when I tried to calculate a palette keeping values constant across all hues and failed bad. Since then I have been on and off about trying to make a more personal palette, learned to love and respect saturated reds and yellows but remained still interested in the tight swatches of supergameboy's/gameboy color 4 shades mixing and the similar results I was getting with a few colors from nes ntsc palettes. I finally tried to nail down what I was really trying to achieve, and realized I wanted a tight, four shades at most, somewhat sepia palette, that would give me a pokemon on gameboy vibe but with higher hue variation and lowered saturation, resembling colored pastels over a drab, darker paper. I decided I would be strict in only keeping useful colors, something I learned here. This is what I came up, 11 colors in total:

I am still uncertain about the yellow ramp, and in doubt if it deserves its own third shade, since I am using a greyish dark purple instead of brow or dark olive. I think one of the keypoints in making this colors work is use a lot of the brightest color in the sprites, and the contrast of the drab "white" and the second shade of yellow is not ideal yet. I value you guys opinions a lot, and would like any input you might have on anything that might improve this. Thanks in advance.