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[PAID] Looking for 2D Artist for Sidescroller

on: February 27, 2017, 01:31:40 pm

I am searching for a 2D artist for my game "Butterfly Effect". The game will be a 2D sidescroller with a base tilesize of 32x32 pixels.
Although I do not specifically want/need to have a pixelart look the low resolution will probably inevitably call for that.
The overall enemy/character design should be cartoony (e.g. big eyes).
Since I would like to pay a flat rate, I added the minimum amount of sprites I need to complete the game below.
I would like to get offers based on this minimum sprite amount.
The total amount of sprites I will actually order might be double of that or even more though.
Apart from the pricing it would also be interesting for me to know how long you think it would take to complete said sprites.

Feel free to ask me questions :)

-The following numbers of frames within brackets are my estimates of how many frames will be needed to create the animation.
 The actual number may of course be lower/higher.
-Regarding enemy sizes, when I say 32x32 pixels this doesn't have to be the exact boundary, the enemies can of course be a couple of pixels larger/smaller than that.
 The stated size is just a reference point.

Character/Enemy sprites:

Butter-Fly :
A fly in a piece of butter. The fly's head, "butt" and wings are sticking out of the butter.
The Butter-Fly will slide along in its piece of butter.
A quadratic shape around 32X32 pixels would be nice, if that just isn't possible a rectangular shape (55x32) will also be ok...
-Movement animation: since the butter-fly has no visible legs some simple bobbing animation would be sufficient. (2-3 frame animation)
-Jump Frame: Something like raising the head, a still frame used while jumping upwards (1 frame)
-Falling Frame: Same as Jump-Frame but for falling down (1 frame)
-Dying Frame: Wings crippled, eyes look dead (1 frame)

Fire-Fly: A fly completely made of fire, still unsure about the exact size, assume 55x32
-Flying animation (2-4 frame animation)
-Combustion animation: Once the player hits the fire-fly it will just burn out as a flame vanishing completely (3-5 frame animation)

A murderous bee. The bee's stinger is pointing to the front giving the character a rectangular shape. (55x32)
-Flying Animation (2-3 frame animation)
-Dead Frame (1 frame)

Female bug, doesn't have to be an actual ladybug.
Maybe big eyelashes/lips or sth. like that.
Standing upright, size about 32x55
-air kiss / butt shake animation : The lady-bug will attract the player's character. You can choose which of both methods is easier to animate (1-3 frames)
-air kiss / butt shake build up animation: An animation that signals an upcoming butt-shake/air kiss (???)
-walking animation: (2-3 frames)

A flea that resembles a dog. size about 32x32 pixel (maybe a bit smaller, see Tiles section)
-Barking animation/frame (1-3 frame animation)
-Barking build up animation: growling (2-3 frame animation)
-Dead frame (1 frame)

Tiles, all EXACTLY 32x32:
Kitchen themed level-tiles, may be actual kitchen wall tiles:
-below level surface tile (no Borders) (analogous to earth/dirt in an outside themed game) (1 Sprite)
-Bordered tiles (analogous to a earth tile with a grass layer on top) (4 Sprites)
-Bordered 45 degree slope (1 Sprite)
-Butter decal that can be layed over level-tiles: (1 Sprite)
  ->Whenever the butter-fly moves on a surface-tile a trail of butter is left behind, covering the tile partially.

Dog-flea Cage:
-A Cage in which the dog-flea can be put.

Butter-Knife Tile(s):
-my game will use butter knives instead of spikes as a deadly trap
-if small butter knives are possible a single 32x32 Tile would be nice
-otherwise a butter knife will have to consist of multiple tiles.

Animated Tiles also exactly 32x32:
-Turned on-frame (1 frame)
-Turned off-frame (1 frame)
-Switching from off to on animation (2-3 frame animation)

Stove plate/hot plate, viewed from side:
-heating up animation(3-5 frame animation)

Kitchen themed background would be nice, I am open for your Ideas since I am not quite sure what to do with the background right now.
However lets say i just need three different cloud sprites as the bare minimum right now.
-> 3 cloud Sprites 128x128 (3 sprites)

uncategorized stuff:
Perfume cloud animation (2-3 frame animation)
->purple-ish/pink cloud of perfume which is floating around in the air.
->Size: same size as Ladybug (or close to that size) 

-an actual Butterfly made out of butter, butter dripping from it
-preferred size around  16x16
-Flying Animation (4-7 frames)

Butter splashing effect/particles:
->Used when the butterfly-lands on a surface or an enemy

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Re: [PAID] Looking for 2D Artist for Sidescroller

Reply #1 on: February 27, 2017, 02:58:48 pm
Hello! I just sent you a PM :)

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Re: [PAID] Looking for 2D Artist for Sidescroller

Reply #2 on: February 27, 2017, 03:57:55 pm
pm sent, ^_^

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Re: [PAID] Looking for 2D Artist for Sidescroller

Reply #3 on: March 03, 2017, 08:17:55 pm
hey I'm just placing this in the comments because my pm system doesn't work properly:
I'm wondering if you already have art for the game since I am not sure if my art fits in but according to your description it does.
so like, here's my portfolio and stuff:
if you are interested email me
( )
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