AuthorTopic: [BUDGET/SHARE] A call to arms to help create a revolutionary Arcade Beat 'em up  (Read 1057 times)

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I'm representing a small team (1 Producer, 1 devs, a concept artist and a writer) who are currently under the moniker of Clever Machine Studios. (We released Desert Bus 2600 for the Atari 2600 a few years back) Anyhow it's been about a year since my last dip in the pond for help and we've had some great work and progress made and we're just on the verge of releasing a 1 player demo this year along with some fundraising material.

That being said, here's some details (that we can divulge) about the project:

A) It's late 80's/90's era beat 'em up akin to Final Fight/Golden Axe. 16-bit era large and colorful sprites.

B) We're friends with the guys who released Skycurser (google it) and are writing our engine for their platform AIRFRAME so this is going to be in an arcade cabinet.

C) We have a show in early April that we're looking to establish and start talking about the game and would love to get someone on board to help us put together a quick teaser/sizzle of a few screens in sprites and help us get to our demo goal if not to the continuation till the end of the project.

We already have a strong concept artist and we had an amazing pixel artist that set the tone of everything but unfortunately he got scooped up by bigger cats and we now need more help.

The pay: Like I mentioned before we're two working stiffs doing this as a rather serious hobby with some rather deep connections in the small but growing arcade industry on a new platform. We're winging it but we're more than willing to make concessions and pay/trade for your time. We'd even be willing to work out some share trade of the profits when we get there but this is going to decent sized game with at least an hours worth of content. In terms of funding we just don't have much now. We're about to start a fundraising campaign to change that very soon though with swag and a some publicity at shows with our demo.

So if any of this sounds awesome we'd love to see your stuff and talk a bit more about the job and your needs so shoot me a PM!

Thanks again for your time,

PS. I know last year I wrote a similar post and I got a lot of great replies. If you happened to reply and are still interested please feel free to send over any updated info and availability. Thank you again so much.
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