AuthorTopic: Looking for Artists for indie game! (REV-SHARE)  (Read 1026 times)

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Looking for Artists for indie game! (REV-SHARE)

on: February 28, 2017, 09:46:57 pm
Hello, my name is Jazz and I am the creator of a remote indie game studio called Gen Y Games. It's a brand new studio since I am the only member and we haven't put out a project. I am currently wrapping up pre-planning for my first project entitled "We Lonely Knights." A rpg maker puzzle rpg that takes place in the mind of a comatose child fighting for their life. Here is a link to the game document going into a little more detail on the concept.

I am reaching out to multiple artists in an effort to recruit in order to help on this short project. Currently I am preparing for my first year of university so I am not able to afford commissioning or contract work. However, I am not asking you to work for free. I am a music composer as well as an aspiring indie developer. If youre in need of a composer I would be honored to help wherever I am needed or even if you need another programmer, I could offer my experience. On top of this, towards the end of development I plan to run a kickstarter in order to gauge interest and as a way to fund adding in extra features I had to cut. A cut of those donations will be negotiated and given to the artists as well as a percentage of royalties post launch of the game. I appreciate your time and consideration and I hope that I hear from you in the near future. I can be reached either here or at Again thank you for your time and consideration.