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2D platformer for Android

on: February 13, 2017, 08:11:36 pm
Hi, I have recently started work on an Android platformer, currently using placeholders but now looking to get some artwork to try and move forward with it. I'm using Unity and am looking for some 32x32 sprites, i'm flexible on the art style but a sense of humour would be a bonus. I'm planning on getting a couple of levels done and then seeing how viable it is to go for the full game. I do work full time so at present am working on this evenings and weekends, so would probably suit someone in a similar situation.

If the first few levels work out then i would be up for partnering up to try and get the full game done/making a PC version, I have someone on board for the audio and contributing towards level planning etc. Can give more detailed info if anyone is interested, would be looking for character sprites, and a tileset for level building to start with and then see where we go from there.