AuthorTopic: I need pixel artist just for a hobby! You don't have to be perfect!  (Read 674 times)

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I'm searching for a pixel artist just for a hobby.
I love creating games, i'm programmer for a hobby, I have had created a few small games in the past. I'm not perfect in the code, but I always find the solution to the problem! We would create simple 2d games, we would combine our ideas together!

My only requirement would be: love drawing! You don't have to be perfect at it, you can email me if you're still learning it!

I have experience with c++, c# languages, I can create something with SDL, unity engine. I won't limit your creativity, you draw what you want and I will program it, I won't tell you to draw my ideas if you don't like it! If you won't get bored, maybe we will create something good?

If you're intrested or have any questions email me: