AuthorTopic: [CLOSED] Looking for Pixel Artist to make a FF1 themed battle screenshot  (Read 1136 times)

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Was recently working with another Pixel Artist on this project. All of a sudden towards the end of the project all communication was cut off on me. I had already paid for this piece so it was really disappointing.

See below for details from the original request. Can send the assets from the previous artist too since I paid for them

I am looking to get a digital piece of art commissioned for my best friend who is having a baby. He and his wife are both avid gamers so I have an idea in mind for a Final Fantasy 1 Style image to be created.

I can go into more specifics with any interested partys but it will basically be a "screenshot" of a standard final fantasy battle with the mother and father battling a creature named "Life" . I picture the words "player 3 has joined the fight" in pixelated letters across the image. I also thought it would be cool to have a child looking pixel character in the fight as well labeled with their childs name .

Also the father is a Cancer survivor so I was thinking in addition to the Larger Boss named "Life" we could have a defeated monster with 0hp named Cancer, and maybe a half health monster named 'crippling student debt' or something clever like that. 

Again I am open to some artistic freedom on the part of the artist but I would really like the look and feel of it to be an 8 bit - 16bit Final Fantasy feel to it

DM me if interested with prices, lead time, etc

I have had similar pieces commissioned on other Art websites and can send references etc if anyone is worried about not getting paid, etc.

Hope to hear from some of you super talented people soon!!
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