AuthorTopic: What is best 256 color palette?  (Read 43019 times)

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Re: What is best 256 color palette?

Reply #70 on: February 19, 2017, 08:58:39 pm
I finished a large pixel project (1200x1100px) months ago but then I found this site and decided to redesign it to be suitable for posting here. It's a gif, so at the end I converted it to 256 colours which led to various issues, though none insurmountable. This time I intend to reduce the hues for most of the background content as well as fixing the many issues with shading, while leaving the stronger hues of the characters intact.

do you guys think I should try and create a palette ahead of time, or work through every section and then figure it out at the end? I know how to generate a palette from an image and I have a tool for quickly generating all the swatches for that palette in my software. I use Corel PaintShop Pro x3 (not photoshop)

I will be posting a thread soon for my project but this palette issue has been bugging me all week.
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