AuthorTopic: Programmer looking to collaborate with artist on short / medium projects  (Read 875 times)

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Hi folks,

I'm a student in the UK studying Games Design & Production Management at university currently in the 2nd year of the course. At the moment I'm running a team in one of the course modules to create assessments and I've run smaller teams in the past to create a prototype MMO and a gamejam or two. At this point I am looking to take on a smaller project to keep flexing my programming muscles whilst I'm otherwise not really doing much programming on my uni projects and I am getting non-programming content done on a personal side-project.

To that end I am looking for any artists who are keen to do a collaboration or two together. I haven't got particular ideas in mind , as I'm not trying to recruit for a particular project. I'd like to point out I'm not looking to join large teams who are looking for an extra programmer, as I'd rather not get tied up into a notably larger project that might be out of my ability to see through to the end as my circumstances change at university. This is primarily for some extra experience and a portfolio boost and I'm hoping there's an artist or two out there who wants the same thing out of a few collaboration projects!

Most of my experience so far is C# and Java, whilst I've also got experience with the Unity Engine and some lighter experience with Unreal 4 and its Blueprint scripting.

If anyone is interested, please drop me a private-message or a reply to this post.

Examples of my previous work:
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Hey Traslogan,

I'm not an artist (I'm a programmer) but I would like to meet others to work on projects with. I did already get a team together on sites like this but it's very small, five people, and we're just building a free game in Java right now.

Here's the most recent devlog although a LOT has been done since. I will be creating a new one soon once most of the art is replaced.

Once this is done (it's close, it will not have many features), I'll want to build some smaller projects.

If you have any interest in working together, let me know and I can give you loads more details.