AuthorTopic: Searching Help for Pixel Art for my game  (Read 2152 times)

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Searching Help for Pixel Art for my game

on: January 06, 2017, 09:39:38 pm
Hey everyone ! i recently started programming a game. it will be released on and i've always had trouble making good art. the style is going to be kinda manga-like, but pixelated. So my question to you is:
- would you like to help me learn drawing?
- or even draw some pictures for me too?
i dont really have money, but im planning to sell it on itch for a couple euros(like 5-10 i dunno xD ). everyone who helps me gets the game for free as a early tester, that means you get the newest patches at least one week earlier and you may design your own weapon/ village/ npc/ enemy that will be released asap.
you can design it as much as you like, just name it or give full details on everything. i plan on releasing the first playable version in 3-4 months but i wish to do so earlier.
Thank you already and greetings from germany!
Dragonbreath(LP)/(Games)// Oliver