AuthorTopic: [Rev-Share] A dedicated pixel artist/partner for the future work  (Read 906 times)

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Hello there.
My name is Andrey,  I'm a dedicated professional indie game developer. Here is my company's website:  I've been developing games for some time now, and here are some games that I took part in/leaded the team:
Windows Mobile Platform



And, Steam:

All of them were pretty much of a commercial success, generating >$20000 each release.
I was doing major part of the work including coding (C++, Java, Objective-C), game design and testing. Also, I was responsible for the team building and organization, and the promotional work (including social media, email marketing, ASO).

Now for some reasons I'm looking for a pixel art person to cooperate with and to build my next game(-s).

I expect that we will team up and work hard for several month to make a game and then split the revenue 50/50. Please note that all the work is done full-time. You should be able to survive for up to 6 month without salary (I do).

I have several game ideas in mind but you can come up with the concept yourself.

The work is going to start this Summer.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.