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Hello! My name is Carrill Munnings and I am a freelance game artist excited about lending my talent to your next project! I'm pretty versatile with styles. I love working with both colorful cartoonish styles as well as dark, moody, and creepy things.

If you are interested in working with me please e-mail me at to discuss rates.

"Terra Branford" Rivals of Aether custom character from Final Fantasy VI

Terra's portrait

"Narshe Cliffs" Terra's stage

"Pomme" Rivals of Aether custom character based on Peach's playstyle. The Rivals devs loved her so much, she was promoted to an official character!

Pomme's portrait

Sora (OC) Rivals of Aether custom character commission

Sora Portrait

Velskye Arena, Sora's stage

Cave scene

Character Portraits

Castlevania-style protag idles

"Gambler" Boss sprites

"Rock Spear" spell

Castlevania style hit particle and death flame

Lumberjack Goblin RPG character

Tiles for Airship scene

Pokemon style trees

Water tiles

Hello, Pixelation. It's been ages since I've updated this portfolio and that's because I've been very busy. I've learned a lot and I've updated my portfolio with my latest work on my custom Rivals of Aether character Pomme.

I am still seeking work!

I am still looking for work!

I have updated my portfolio. Still interested in work.


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